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We offer one-on-one health consulting services, allowing you to enjoy more comprehensive and personalized health services anytime, anywhere. If you need us to customize a private health advisor program for you, please download the Chinese Medicine Consultation Form and complete it, then send it to our email. Our professional TCM doctors will reply to your email within one working day and arrange for the most suitable TCM doctors to provide one-on-one online health consulting services for you. We will develop the most suitable health plan for you based on your situation to ensure that you receive the best health services.
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YouTCM Health Advisor
The health advisor of YouTCM Chinese Medicine Platform is a new model of medical service. Based on TCM technology, it conducts comprehensive evaluations of user health conditions from multiple perspectives and angles, and provides users with advice on healthy and scientific diets, exercise, and other aspects to help them maintain physical and mental health. As health advising is a professional medical service, ensuring its accuracy and reliability is particularly important. Therefore, YouTCM Chinese Medicine Platform uses TCM technology, combined with knowledge and skills from disciplines such as Chinese medicine, nutrition, sports science, and psychology, to conduct comprehensive, in-depth, and accurate evaluations of users and provide corresponding advice.

Advantages of health advising
1. Real-time comprehensive evaluations of user health status to provide personalized health advice by diagnosing user physical and psychological conditions.
2. Provide health guidance on user physiological indicators such as blood pressure, weight, body temperature, heart rate, as well as their habits such as sleep, diet, and exercise.
3. Develop personalized health plans according to the user provided personal information, such as age, gender, height, weight, diet habits, and health conditions, to provide them with reasonable and scientific health advice.
4. Monitor the abnormal changes in user health conditions and promptly remind them to take corresponding measures, such as seeking medical advice and purchasing medication, to effectively reduce health risks.

Functions of health advising
1. Health evaluation: Health advisors conduct in-depth evaluations of user physical and psychological conditions, taking into account multiple factors such as user health history, lifestyle habits, psychological conditions, nutritional intake, exercise, and sleep times.
2. Health advice: Health advisors develop personalized health advice for users based on their physical and psychological conditions, including advice on diet, exercise, psychology, healthcare, etc.
3. Health tracking: Health advisors can effectively track user health status by recording their physical and psychological conditions, promptly detecting abnormal conditions, and reminding users to take corresponding measures.
4. Health management: Health advisors help users maintain their health management records, including personal information, health status, medication records, etc., to achieve comprehensive and in-depth health management.

The YouTCM Chinese Medicine Platform health advisor adopts advanced TCM technology and combines disciplines such as Chinese medicine, nutrition, sports science, and psychology to achieve comprehensive, in-depth, and personalized health evaluation and advice. In addition, the platform also provides scientific and effective TCM health plans based on the theory and practical experience of TCM, providing users with more comprehensive, in-depth, and caring services for their physical and mental health.

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