About us

Youtcm is a platform dedicated to online TCM diagnosis and treatment. We are committed to providing high-quality health services for Chinese people worldwide. Our goal is to use TCM wisdom and advanced technology to tailor personalized health plans for you, in order to achieve comprehensive health and a happy life.

Our diagnosis and treatment services are mainly divided into four categories: music therapy, art therapy, TCM therapy, and exercise therapy. These therapies not only help alleviate physical discomfort, but also improve overall health levels, enabling users to have stronger disease resistance, higher quality of life, and a healthier lifestyle.

Music therapy?is a therapeutic method that promotes physical and mental health through music. Our music therapists will develop personalized music plans for clients based on their physical condition and needs. This music plan can help clients reduce stress, restore physical and mental balance, improve sleep quality, and enhance immunity, among other benefits.

Art therapy?is a therapeutic method for physical and mental health through art forms such as painting, calligraphy, and dance. Our art therapists have created various art courses, including body dance classes, calligraphy practice classes, and painting creation classes, to provide clients with enjoyable and relaxing course experiences.

TCM therapy?is a valuable asset of Chinese civilization that has been widely used in the Chinese medical system for thousands of years. Our TCM practitioners are experienced TCM practitioners who will develop personalized TCM plans for clients based on their physical condition. This TCM plan can effectively treat a variety of diseases, including chronic diseases and internal and external diseases.

Exercise therapy?is a therapeutic method that improves clients physical function and achieves physical and mental health through exercise. Our exercise coaches will develop personalized exercise plans for clients based on factors such as age, physical condition, and exercise level. This exercise plan can not only effectively reduce the client physical burden, but also enhance their physical function and immunity.

On our platform, users can consult through voice or text, and our online doctors will provide professional diagnosis and treatment advice to ensure your health and happiness. Our online doctor team is composed of experienced, qualified, and technically strong doctors with extensive clinical experience and profound medical theory knowledge, who can provide you with top-notch TCM diagnosis and treatment services. You can enjoy convenient online consultation services, reduce the inconvenience caused by waiting in line for medical treatment, as well as reduce travel time and cost associated with medical treatment, thus improving efficiency and quality of medical treatment.

Youtcm has always adhered to the service concept of "professional and efficient," providing you with high-quality diagnosis and treatment services and health maintenance plans. We firmly believe that through TCM wisdom, everyone can have a healthy and happy life. We look forward to providing more convenient, professional, and high-quality services to Chinese people worldwide, and ensuring your health and happiness are always with us.

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